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God’s Design for Humanity

Christian Edu



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Product Description The theme for this expositor it responds to the need of giving concrete answers that we confront in the 21st. century. Our President sets tone for the seriousness of the lessons by addressing the challenges we face in reaching our present generation. The rest of the lessons deal with the most important themes that affect the church today. Lessons: 1.- Ministering to the generation of the 21st. century; 2.- Who am I in Christ?; 3.- The Connection between Idolatry and Immorality; 4.- Called to a life of purity; 5.- The blessings of obedience; 6.- The curse of rebellion; 7.- What does the bible say about homosexuality?; When God condemns sin..8.- What Does the bible say about homosexuality? But God call us to love sinners…; 9.- Music and purity; 10.- The primitive church amidst a permissive society; 11.- The church of the 21st. century in a permissive society; 12.- Christian parents in a permissive society; 13.- Management of MASS Media.
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