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LEAP: Answering the Call to Capture your Dream

Jacob Rodriguez



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Product Description You have a God-given dream, a seed of greatness. It’s real. It’s alive. It calls and leaps within you. There is no denying it. Now is the time to answer before it’s too late. Therein lies the problem. People love to dream, but settle for being wishers and daydreamers. They cancel their callings by distrusting the process, listening to negativity, caving to fears, cradling their hurts or simply losing their grip of faith. Doing so consigns them to an unadventurous path of regret and mediocrity, which contradicts the abundant life that Christ promised. But leapers are different. They don’t just sit back and watch life pass them by. When mountains don’t move, they climb. When waters don’t recede, they step out. Life is too short and God is too big to settle for anything less than miraculous. In LEAP, author and pastor Jacob Rodriguez shows you how to leap towards your dreams and hurdle the barriers that you face. In his signature style of lacing biblical stories with illuminating applications, along with his own personal experiences, Jacob delivers a bold message that dares dreamers to cling tightly to God and answer their highest call. LEAP is your jumpstart to a greater destiny in Christ, one that achieves your dreams and expands His kingdom. Don’t just live. Leap!
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