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Symposium of Apostolic Theology - 1913 ~ 2013

Apostolic Assembly Editor: Bishop Ismael Martín del Campo



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Product Description We are most grateful to God for the opportunity of organizing this Symposium Of Apostolic Theology to celebrate the global resurgence of baptism in The Name of Jesus Christ And the message that there is only one God, which started at the Arroyo Seco World Wide Camp Meeting In 1913 and has gone out to all the nations. We thank the support of the General Board and Bishop President John Fortino for the celebration of this event. I thank our special guests of honor for their presence and participation: Superintendent David K. Bernard (UPCI); Bishop Theodore L. Brooks (PAW); Apostle Matthew Norwood (COOLJC); Superintendent Robert Martin (ALJC); And Bishop Jonathan Franklin (PCAF) I also want to thank our conference speakers from the Apostolic Assembly for their presence and participation: Ex-Bishop President Daniel Sanchez; Bishop Luciano Montes; Bishop José G. Zúñiga, Bishop Francisco Quezada; Bishop Abel Rodríguez; Bishop Felipe Salazar and Pastor Dr. Abel Villanueva Lessons: 1.- Flesh and Blood has not revealed this to you; 2.- The Future of Oneness Pentecostalism; 3.- I will pour out my Spirit on all people; 4.- Apostolic Holiness in the 21St.Century; 5.- Apostolic Theology of the return of Christ; 6.- Apostolic Pulpit Ministry; 7.- I will not fight my brother; 8.- Preserving Apostolic Integrity; 9.- Brief Synopsis of Hebrew & Christian Monotheism; 10.- Yahweh: Full of faithful love and loyalty; 11.- For the Love of His Name; 12.- An Apostolic bridge between the pastor and the youth; 13.- And when he is old; he will not depart from it; 14.- The crossroad between preaching doctrine and the Mission of the Church.
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