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Adult Expositor: The Challenges of Growth

13 lessons from the letters to the Corinthians on the problems the Church faces as it grows.



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Product Description A dynamically growing church. But every growing church faces the problems associated with having new believers who need to be disciple in many areas. The new believers come with all sorts of emotional and spiritual, wounds, the result of their years of living under the oppression of the devil and the structures Of sin. Lesson 1. Division condemned; 2. Difficult brethren have always existed; 3. Finally! Someone remembered the singles! 4. My dad does work: He’s a pastor; 5. What shouldn’t lack in your friendship group; 6. They’re still in the nursery; 7. The place of women in the church; 8. While we encamp; 9. An embassy in each home; 10. How to comfort the perplexities of life; 11. He asked for roses, thorns he received; 12. Tests are useful and unavoidable; 13. The Pastor’s authority.
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