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Hope Again: Finding God's Purpose in your Pain

Jacob Rodriguez



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Product Description Hope Again: Finding God's Purpose in your Pain Christians, just like anybody else, can suffer from life’s setbacks. Whether their afflictions are physical, psychological or emotional, they can become worn down and defeated as the walls close in around them. Even the most devout can feel the sharp sting of life’s trials and tribulations on a daily basis.In Hope Again, Pastor Jacob Rodriguez brilliantly explains the power of the Lord, even in our darkest hours. It may be tempting to assume that believing in Christ is the magic elixir to ward off life’s problems. When in fact, Christ’s love is a salve – not meant to prevent your problems, but rather to heal them and make you stronger than ever before. Because even though we walk in Christ’s light, our shining paths will never be free of obstacles. We will all suffer in some form or another, but it is the power of Christ that compels us to carry forward. But Pastor Rodriguez’s words are not empty rhetoric. In his relatively young life, he has dealt with more than his fair share of setbacks, heartbreak and hurts. And while some may have succumbed to a spiral of despair, he chose to be lifted up by the grace of God. He knew that God had a plan for him, just like He has a plan for everybody. Because that is the power of God – that He built the path we walk on and through Him, we will continue on, knowing that His love is always with us... and within us. Jacob Rodriguez
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